Monday, January 4, 2010


Belle (Chloe's mom) likes the 3D (Number one) cake I did before for Raja Aariz,but the problem was, she wants bigger cake because she invited quite number of guests. Number one 3D cake and cupcakes are the must and the rest she just let me decide....I ended up came out with this 12" strawberry cake as a base and the number one 3D vanilla flavoured cake on top and the mixture flavour of strawberry and vanilla cupcakes at each corners of the cake . The cake frosted with butter icing and cupcakes covered with sugar paste @ fondant . The cake was heavy that I had to call her husband to help me out to carry the cake to the hall at Holiday Villa. Belle and her family were very happy with the design and the colours... Thank you Belle and nice knowing you . Chloe, happy 1st birthday dear.....

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