Saturday, August 8, 2009

Turquoise Theme

'Not So little Size' Moist Chocolate Cupcakes with buttercream icing and covered/decorated with fondant/sugar paste
5 cm size Vanilla Sugar Cookies with stick & white ribbon , decorated with royal icing

12" * 6" PVC round container

Miss Wanie ordered this set for her friend's engagement. 'Cupcake & Sugar Cookie' in turquoise & white!! I do make cupcakes,cake for birthdays, weddings & etc but not 'sugar cookies' ... As I know a nice, sweet, charming, petite (ye ke??) lady who very good in making those yummy, delicious, gorgeous sugar cookies *wink*, so why make?? Order jer lah he he he he...Visit her site for more pictures on her creations. After few phone calls & smses on how to get the exact colour (I gave her some of the 2 colours to make turquoise) Finally both of us managed to get the same colour and luckly the colour has turned out like the one that we've planned. Dear Wanie thank you for the order ,you bila lagi??


Sheena Razali said...

Hi Yati! It turned out better than I expected, especially once the cookies were on the sweet turquoise cupcakes. I was a bit unsure on how to decorate the cookies but am glad that it turned out ok. Thanks for the free promo *grin*

p/s my blog hasn't been updated for ages. Do be patient, ok?

my little cakes for you said...

They look very sweet,and I received few emails asking bout the cookie & cupcake cmmbination!! Infact I have few designs (combination of cookie & cupcake off course) and will discuss with you... yes please upload more pictures he he he