Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Art Of Wedding Cake Decoration Course

My completed wedding cake which I added small daisies , butterflies and topper (my own)
Picture was taken in class and the beautiful bride & groom topper (battery operated, glow in the dark) belongs to Calvin,use it just for photograph purpose only, thanks Calvin!

From left Kak Aminah, Me, Siti, Mieza, Raja Mahtra, Sifu Calvin, Harjit, Kak Maria and Sue.
I attended the 2 days 'art of wedding cake decoration course' with Calvin at Artisan. We were given the opportunity to create any designs we want ( free design). Calvin shared many things with us, he such a 'very generous man' , thank you so much Calvin for all the information, tips, guidance and jokes! He 'satu kepala' with us ' kepala gila' hirk hirk hirk... Eventhough the last day ended at 10pm we still laughing, joking and off course excited to see our own wedding cake creation has turned out so nice and many things we've shared and learned from each other... Load of thanks to everyone for making this class wonderful and lots of fun. The 2 days course was filled with jokes and laughter...To Soon Ching and K.C thank you for helping us in looking for the tools,equipments and what not....and to Kak Lynn terima kasih kerana sabar melayan kita orang and hope you will manage to get the books that I've showed you, great books kan??


Sheena Razali said...

ooo... pretty nya. Looks like I have to get married again just so that I can order a tiered cake *grin*

my little cakes for you said...

Thank you. You can order for your anniversary in October..*wink*